Compete, Win, Repeat

ClashChain, the Game-Changing Platform for Global Gamers Playing for Real Money Triumphs.


Compete against other players for real money prizes

Decentralised solution for paid competitive gaming

Utilising the power of blockchain to ensure competitive games with real money prizes are transparent and fair.

  • Fixed transaction fees ensure the ongoing viability of ClashChain
  • Super-fast transaction times allow ClashChain to serve millions of users across many projects and games at once
  • DAO governance for chain upgrades, new project onboarding and more
  • Staking coins for fiat rewards

Native token

Get Clash Chain Coin,help secure the chain

A limited supply token used to secure the network and provide essential transparency, fairness and security of games on the ClashChain platform.

Owning ClashChain Tokens allows holders to stake in our POS blockchain, govern the ecosystem and decide what projects will be onboarded to ClashChain as well as:

  • POS rewards paid out in fiat,
  • Utility features for the DAO


Community Participation at the Core of ClashChain

POS block mining
FIAT POS rewards
DAO voting
BUYBACK program

Our way

Road Map

July 2021

Team Self Funded Development of platform begins

October 2021

Seed investment Round Completed - 6% Equity for $300,000 USD

January 2022

First game launched in Beta test and free play

April 2022

Over 10k members on Telegram

November 2022

Second game launched in beta test and free play

December 2022

First Staking Rewards

May 2023

First Real Money Live Game launched in selected markets

October 2023

Games available in all countries

March 2023

First Major ClashChain Event

March 2024

Listing of the token

May 2024

1 Million Downloads across all games

May 2024

Platform opened to other developer studios

Core product

Our games

Solitaire Dare

Compete & Win Real Money in one of the world’s favourite games

Bubble Clash 4 Cash

Bubble Shooter style game. Play against opponent in one of the most popular games.

Quiz Whizz

Test your knowledge in this Trivia game across multiple topics you choose

Keep Up The Ball

Test your skills and keep the ball from falling to the ground.

Rummy App

Play your favourite card game against 2-5 opponents. Available in India only.

Golf Clash 4 Cash

Challenge opponents in a quick game of golf.

Current token price (CCT)
Total tokens remaining
Percentage tokens sold

About token

Token Sale

  • Token name: Clash Chain Token
  • Ticker Symbol: CCT
  • Starting Price Pre-IEO: USD 0.04
  • IEO price: USD 0.08
  • Listing price: USD 0.1
  • Maximum CCT for Sale: 200M tokens
  • All CCT released: 500M tokens
  • Minimum Purchase: 100 CCT

Clash Chain is a limited supply token used to secure the ClashChain network, provide transparency, fairness and security of the games. Clash Chain Tokens can be used to stake in our POS Blockchain ‘ClashChain’, govern the network ecosystem via the DAO on matters such as grants, onboarded projects and overall platform development.

CCT will also be released as a wrapped ERC-20 token on Matic, BTC and Ethereum networks.

Buy Token

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token supply - 500,000,000

  • 200M Public Sale
  • 100M Early game studios
  • 60M Seed Sale
  • 60M Founders and the team
  • 10M Buy back and burn
  • 60M Marketing, advisors and partners


Frequency Asked Questions

  • Will I get more CCT coins if I stake them?

    CCT Staking is not rewarded with CCT tokens, which can only be purchased. Staking rewards will be distributed in fiat USD which can be cashed out or used to purchase CCT on the market (restrictions apply).

  • What do I get when I stake my coins?

    Staking CCT rewards are paid out in fiat USD. 15% of all transaction fees on the network are distributed back to token holders that choose to stake their CCT to help secure the data. Fiat rewards will be paid into your account of choosing whether is be bank account, paypal or other method available in your jurisdiction* (additional terms and conditions will apply).

  • Can I use Clash Chain Token to play the games?

    No, Clash Chain Tokens cannot be used to play the games. Game play is purchased with fiat via one of our payment methods.

  • Does the Clash Chain comply with legal regulations?

    Yes, we are fully compliant with all regulations. We perform KYC of our customers and prevent sale of tokens in teritories where crypto assests are not permitted.

  • Can I trade CCT at an exchange?

    CCT listing and IEO on a top tier exchange is on the roadmap for Q4 2023.

  • Can American citizens take part in the token sale?

    Unfortunately, US citizens are not able to participate in the token sale. If you are a qualified investor, it may be possible to participate in the equity sale. Please contact us for more information.

  • Why is CCT a utility token?

    CCT is used for participating in DAO decisions for the chain - onboarding new projects, releasing new tokens ... - as well using it for staking in POS model and helping secure the chain and create new blocks.

  • Can I mine CCT?

    CCT cannot be mined, but you can stake your tokens and help secure the blockchain, as well as creating new blocks. Staking rewards will be distributed in fiat USD which can be cashed out or used to purchase CCT on the market (restrictions apply).



David Kicks
Co-Founder at

Entrepreneur. Linked to gaming and payment ventures. Master of networking across the world. Co-founder of Payhound - a regulated payment processing business in Malta.

Jon Davidman
CEO Playtertainment

Entrepreneur. Built and sold numerous businesses. Expert in Gaming, e-commerce and growing businesses across multiple geographies.

Pierre Roberge
CEO Arc4dia

As an 11-year veteran of the Communication Security Establishment Canada (CSEC), Pierre led advanced technical teams in safeguarding Canada's national interests in cyberspace, earning declassified awards such as the CSEC Excellency Award and the Chief of the Defence Staff Commendation. Now, he specializes in performing smart contract and blockchain EVM security audits, establishing himself as a leading expert and innovator in the field.

Our brain

Clash Chain Team

Piotr Blazewitcz
CEO, CoFounder

Advertising agency veteran, worked with global FMCG brands like P&G, Sony, CocaCola, Fiat. Early PartyGaming employee, facilitated IPO with $10B valuation. Led marketing and territories, managing $200M budget annually. Created successful campaigns and events like PartyPoker $Million and WSOP sponsorship. Entrepreneur in gaming, Chief Revenue Officer at WorldGaming, involved in data intelligence & technology across continents.

Matt Kotnik
CTO, CoFounder

More than 30 years of experience in software development, ranging from access control systems for hotels, spas, and events to award-winning apps, games, and web3 projects. Developed key system components and leads a team of 10 developers, overseeing technology and IP.

Imran Bukhari
Business Development, Global expansion

Entrepreneur & owner of Loop Digital. He a one of major investors in Clash Chain Games and provides access to large 150+ development team based in India. He was a sowfware consultant for a large gaming company - bet365, and runs multiple businesses. His role in ClashChain is focusing on business development - Chief of Global Business Development.

Ajay Krishna
WEB3 dev
Amit Raj
Backend dev
Saikumar Dhara
Frontend dev
Shiva Gaddesh
UI/UX design
Evan Smith
Senior crypto specialist
Lisa Gibbons
Alexander Jaime Pinerios
Jillian Godsil

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